HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia: Overview

AIDS in Ethiopia, Fourth Edition is an update on the current information available on the HIV/AIDS situation in Ethiopia. This publication reports  findings from the most recent efforts to research and estimate HIV prevalence countrywide and by region.

The AIDS Resource Center based in Addis Ababa, is the main source for up-to-date and accurate information on HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia. The web site contains fact sheets, FAQs, databases, links, and news.

The Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey 2000 includes data and information about reproduction, contraception, pregnancy, fertility preferences, AIDS and other STDs, and sexual activity.

HIV as a Humanitarian and Development Issue. This web interview explores the relationship between HIV in Ethiopia and various development issues the country faces.

The HIV/AIDS Treatment Map lists national antiretroviral treatment regimens (where available), the number of people in need of treatment, and the number of people receiving treatment in Ethiopia.