Dorothy Fadiman, Producer and Director, has been making award winning documentaries since 1976. Among her honors are an Academy Award nomination, an EMMY, and the Gold Medal from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Henock Hailu, Videographer and Field Producer, enabled us to reach people we could not have reached otherwise. In addition to working as a principal shooter and Field Producer, Henock coordinated the transcription and translation of many of the interviews.

Amy L. Hill, Series Producer/Editor, came to Concentric Media with a background in public health and violence prevention. As Series Producer, she coordinated all aspects of the post-production process. She also edited three of the films in the series.

Matthew Luotto, Co-Producer, Editor, and Videographer, has worked as an editor and web designer on a variety of local and international projects. In addition to shooting much of the SEEDS footage, he co-produced/edited one of the films.

Shenaz Zack, Co-Producer and Editor, has broad international experience working in the entertainment industry. She assisted with post-production for the entire series and co-produced/edited one of the films.

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