This series presents images that are rarely seen and voices that are almost never heard. In each of these documentaries, we meet people who are being directly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Ethiopia. We see how education, support, community efforts, and advocacy are transforming lives.

BREAKING the SILENCE: Lifting the Stigma of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.
Despite the risk of social stigma, an increasing number of HIV+ people are telling their own stories. Some are becoming active, working to reduce discrimination and secure better services. This film details their stories and profiles groups that provide counseling, income support, community outreach, and prevention education.
(Amharic: 20 min., English: 26 min., 2006.)

FROM RISK to ACTION: Women & HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.
Nearly 60% of HIV+ individuals in Ethiopia are women. Gender bias and the biology of transmission leave women more vulnerable to infection. Poverty, lack of access to education, and violence against women increase their risk. This film profiles the connection between gender and HIV/AIDS, as well as the work of leaders in education and policy change to improve the status of women. (Amharic: 39 min., English: 40 min., 2006.)

HIV/AIDS AWARENESS in ETHIOPIA: Approaches to Prevention.
Media such as radio and television provide basic information about HIV/AIDS. Prevention education also comes alive in a range of other settings, including street theater, coffee ceremonies, and funeral gatherings. This film explores the work of Ethiopians actively committed to controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS, while promoting greater respect and compassion for those living with the virus. (Amharic: 26 min., English: 27 min., 2006.)

STEPPING FORWARD: Men teaching and learning about HIV/AIDS.
Certain populations of men, such as truck drivers and soldiers, have been accused of spreading HIV/AIDS. As a result of intensive education programs in Ethiopia, many individuals from these groups now practice safe sex and teach others about prevention. This film documents outreach and prevention efforts by and for men of all ages, from all walks of life. (Amharic: 24 min., English: 24 min., 2006.)

The AIDS epidemic in Ethiopia has left more than one million children without parents. Compassionate groups and individuals have taken on the responsibility of raising them, including traditional orphanages, family members, and neighbors. This film explores the stories of these adults, and the young people for whom they are caring. (Amharic: 25 min., English: 21 min., 2006.)
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